Meteorites for sale

Meteorites for sale

Zsolt Kereszty, Hungary, seller & collector, member of IMCA, Meteoritical Society
If you interest my meteorites please contact me in email   cbo(at)t-online(dot)hu

Sikhote-Alin iron meteorites dealer lot

55 regmaglypted black crusted well preserved TOP quality pieces

Price: 15 000 USD in all

55 pieces, total weight: 2.998 kg

weights of pieces: from 5 gr to 180 gr

a few are oriented one is natural holed

I have obtained them from directly Moscow in 90's years from a russian geologist who learned then in the Lomonosov University, Moscow. My IMCA numbered COA is include.

Fell: at around 10:30 on 12 February 1947, Russia, Primorsky Kray

Hoba IVB ataxite iron meteorite

A piece from the largest complete meteorite in the world !

25.5 gr, largest size: 53 mm, big polished part-slice

Found: Namibia, Grootfontein, 1920

Provenance chain: Bob Haag (USA) - Rob Wesel, USA - me

The original large slice is included in Bob Haag's own catalog/book, from which Rob Wesel cut this slice for sale. 

There is not a Hoba shale, its a full metallic part-slice, its very rare on the meteorite market !

Price: 4500 USD

Chupaderos IIIAB iron meteorite

A piece from the 10th largest complete meteorite in the world !

25.5 gr, largest size: 53 mm, big etcehd part-slice with original crust

Found: Mexico, Chihuahua, 1852

Well provenanced piece ( 3 label ) !

Its very stunning piece, very rare on the meteorite market !

Price: 4500 USD

Mbosi iron meteorite

The 9th largest meteorite in the World. Very rare !

Lot of etched pieces are available


0.131 gr etched part slice 320 USD

0.070 gr etched part slice 180 USD

0.038 gr etched part slice 120 USD

shipping fee 20 USD

Iron-ungr meteorites with nice Widmanstätten pattern and copy of original label, in well labelled silica filled collector box, my IMCA numbered COA is include.

Found in 1930, Tanzania, near Mbeya

NWA 12692 LL3.00 2nd largest Main Mass

Very limited pieces are available, its a very very rare type, only 4 known as LL3.00

71.1 gr whole, complete, uncut piece

Found in 2019, Mali TKW: 378 gr

Price: 75 000 USD

NWA 12692 LL3.00 complete piece

13.03 gr whole, complete, uncut piece

This is the first uncut LL3.00 meteorite offered for sale in the world!

Price: 12000 USD

NWA 12692 LL3.00 end-cut

3.88 gr end-cut

Price: 3800 USD

Tunguska event 1908 wood sample, very rare

From the Expedition of University of Bologna, 1991. The 1908 year ring is marked on the sample.

Russia, Tunguska region

My IMCA numbered COA is include.

Price: 850 USD

Košice H5 chondrite meteorite

witnessed fall meteorite with black fusion crust 5 pieces, total weight 614.3 gr

Fell: February 28th 2010, Slovakia, Visny Klatov

My IMCA numbered COA is include.

Price: 18 000 USD

Complete meteorite Thin Section collection

230 various type, fine polished meteorite, impactite Thin Section.

Especially right for institutes, museums, serious collectors.

It has contents the mostly of the meteorite types.

Please ask for the detailed list.

Price: 35 000 USD

Mocs L5-6 historic meteorite slice with FC

Fell: 3 February 1882, Romania, Transylvania, TKW: 300 kg There was a meteorite shower !

6.6 partially Fusion Crusted slice

Price: 600 USD

TOP quality moldavites

Big size, nice shape, Cehch, Chlum from 2016 find

14.05 gr 800 USD

7.7 gr 480 USD

If you interest each of them please dont hesitate contact me.